About Us

Easyaccesscanada.comA comprehensive business marketing solution with Canadawide on-line directory, with all business listings, home for your on-line marketing needs. EasyAccessCanada is aimed at marketing your business through our multi-faceted website that gets you connected with theother potential business and clientele. We showcase your business; products and/or services with an additional link to your website, as well as Social media links and Videos. It is a complete Canadian marketing tool site.

We at easyaccesscanada.com empower your business with solutions and promote every business – small or big, an easy access to the world.

Oh - Canada the land of beauty and bounty with its abundant hues and blooms and diverse people and businesses with its diverse people. Its multi-culture, the landscape, its climate make us stand unique. It’s a globalization of patriotism and globalization of our businesses. These values guide and influence us everyday of our lives. These values give us pride in equality in diversity and respect for every individual. This is what makes Canada a unique country.Men and women, Children and seniors, No matter what age at what realm of life, we share a home in Canada.

Our Vision

Be Canada's first choice for online marketing services.                                                   

To be the outstanding leader in inbound online social media marketing services                                  

Be a Professional campaigner for our valuable clients.

Our Mission

EasyAccessCanada promotes your business by creating a perfect platform and pledges fast, reliable and easy online access of your products and services.


Our Value

We are committed in partnering and offeringthehighest persuasive online marketing and directory services, which will satisfy our customer’s business needs. We provide strong presence inthemarket for all our customers.


Our Team

We have skilled professionals empowered withthelatest training and development. This is evident inthepresence of highly disciplined, respectful and responsible marketing specialist in Easy AccessCanada. Our constant search for innovative solutions for your business has differentiated us fromtherest.

Our Services

Easy AccessCanadais truly Canadian online business marketing and on -line directory that helps organizations in:

  • Marketing Solutions
  • Event Management/Sponsorships
  • Franchise Development
  • Website Development/Maintenance
  • Total E-Commerce Solutions
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Internal Marketing
  • Flyers/Deals/Coupons

Other services include;

    1. Creating business awareness (Online and Offline)
    2. Introduction of new products tothemarket
    3. Lead generation
    4. Increased client’s customer base and site traffic
    5. Saving of marketing cost efficiently
    6. Brand Engagement
    7. Real-Time Results
    8. Demographic Targeting
    9. Reach varied businesses, creating internal marketing
    10. Personalization and customization of products and services


Easy Access Canada is an online marketing service with on line directory and many more marketing features, which confers status and set agenda for companies and organizations. We strongly partner with organizations in creating business awareness and accessibility that will attract site traffic to these organizations.

Easy Access Canada has a wide clientele with a diverse profile ranging from startups to well-known national household brands, retail producers, localized businesses, medical clinics, hotels etc.

Our team is composed of honest and hardworking specialists who help clients beyond increasingtheir profitability, wideningtheir customer base and site traffic and also develop BOB - Better Online Business and entail a different approach by accessing many avenues to improve your online presence.


Our Listing Packages and Subscription

Easy AccessCanada’s online marketing features include:

Detail page - Online business name and logo display

Show Deals

Review from customers

Access to make modifications

Show e-mail address

Cross link to client’s website

Show phone numbers

Show fax number

Add Images

Add Youtube videos

Upload additional documents

Short description (250 characters)

Long description

Show hours of work

Show location on Google maps

Listing Badges

Others include:

  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Flyer displays
  • Enquiry forms
  • Advertisements of featured businesses
  • Companies online weekly newsletter display
  • Internal Marketing and many others.

Key to our Success

  • Our disciplined growth.
  • Success history of our parent company; Easy Access Consultants Inc.
  • Our ability to ensure thatthecustomers’ business needs are met and evaluated
  • Our ability to retain about 90% of existing customer base
  • Our innovative spirit in being abreast of newest social media and online technologies

Contact us

1945 Dundas Street East, Suite # 214,Mississauga, Ont. L4X2T8Canada

Web: http://www.easyaccesscanada.com/

Email: info@eaclink.ca

Phone: +1-905-281-0444; +1-416-247-0444

Fax: +1-905-281-0445