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February 07, 2017 By Bickhram Litigation

There are several areas in life that most people simply don’t plan for. Not because we are negligent but sometimes it’s simply because we can’t imagine certain scenarios playing out in our lives. Needing a lawyer is generally one of those areas, especially when it comes to issues like divorce, child custody, restraining orders or estate affairs. After all, no one gets married and already plans how to handle the divorce, but the sad reality is that in this world, anything can happen and in the blink of an eye you can find yourself in a terrible situation in desperate need of competent help.

When this happens you need to know that you can find a quality lawyer who you can trust to act in the best interest of you and your family. Rick Bickhram, the owner of Bickhram Litigation, has several years of litigation experience, having once worked for a top boutique law firm in Toronto before starting his own practice. He has a great capacity for compassion which is why their slogan, “Every client matters”, speaks to the true nature of his firm. They’ve gone so far as to offer free consultations and you can even arrange for an evening or weekend meeting. Rick is a frequent speaker and lecturer to his fellow professionals as well as law students, speaking at local conferences and even taking the time to tutor aspiring lawyers while they prepare for their Bar Admission Exam. He has also written several published articles relating to family, trust and estate law. If that wasn’t enough, Rick also hosts his own radio show called “Ask Your Lawyer, Ask Rick” on Sangeet Radio.

Bickhram Litigation specializes in a range of family and estate law services which can all be viewed on their website along with a detailed explanation of each. Should you find yourself desperately seeking a way out of a marriage that simply isn’t working, if your spouse might have been unfaithful or if there is a form of abuse that cannot be tolerated then Bickhram Litigation can help you. The worst divorces are those where children are involved and after a divorce some form of custody agreement will usually have to be reached. Bickhram Litigation can advise and assist you in fighting for your child to ensure that the right parent gets custody and your child will suffer as little as possible though this terrible ordeal.

As life goes, there may come a time when you need to say goodbye to a family member. Not only is this a heavy emotional burden but someone also needs to take responsibility for the administrational duties that follow. This will include funeral arrangements, dealing with assets and when needed, managing the estate and everything included. This can be a lengthy and frustrating process and will add unnecessary stress to your life but Bickhram Litigation can help you carry this burden and ensure that everything works out. Luckily, not all matters relating to law is so intense and Bickhram Litigation can also assist you with various other services like assigning power of attorney, interpretation of wills and trusts and consent and capacity board hearings.