How to protect your TFSA RRSP contributions

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January 17, 2017 By ProLaunch

The absolute best thing we are able to do is to be specially licensed and confident to genuinely look our clients in the eyes and tell them that they will never, ever, lose their hard earned money while investing with us. Many advisors are never able to legally state this guarantee yet claim to plan very well for their clients, however, even the best financial plan can actually become the worst in times of trouble or unforeseen change.

Instead, we have a better plan, one that is guaranteed in writing now and into the future no matter what happens next in these volatile markets or this world. We help grow and preserve investments held in an RSP/RRSP, SRSP/SRRSP, LRSP/LRRSP, LIF, RLIF, LIRA, TFSA, RESP, Non-registered Individual, Joint or Corporate account and much more. Our clients come from the private sector and also the public service including municipal government and civil protection. Our team serves the happily retired, self-employed business owners, professionals and even distinguished members of our Canadian Armed Forces too.

We are very passionate, optimistic and realistic here at ProLaunch about the future ahead and hope that you and your family are too. Wishing you all the very best, always, and look forward to meeting with you very soon. To learn more about how we can help you guarantee a better plan, book an appointment by calling 1-800-686-2703 or contact us with full discretion assured at

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