The Vegan Way to Create Delightful Frozen Delicacies

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November 10, 2015 By

The Vegan Way to Create Delightful Frozen Delicacies 

There is no particular trick to create a milk-free ice cream. Are you astonished? Bewildered? Does the idea sound bizarre? I can assure you that it is not. You can actually enjoy a few scoops of ice creams without consuming any amount of milk.

You must be thinking, “Why on earth should one venture at trying ice cream sans milk?” Reality is heart breaking. There are many ice cream lovers who become allergic to dairy products later. They can have their solace in a vegan dish of the most delicious dessert cuisine. I can assure you that all your happy anticipations and excitements would not be dashed if you try churning out this delicious platter at home. This is a very simply wand vegan delight with a perfectly crisp and concise delectable recipe. So, please remain with us in this flavorful journey of frozen delight.

The element I am going to churn out is surely going to be a creamy substance that tastes like a perfect dessert delicacy that is awesome with a drizzle of caramel sauce and a dash of nuts on top of it. Apart from dairy products this particular recipe is also completely free from eggs.

Secrets of a vegan platter of ice cream: 

Full fat creamy coconut milk is the trick to getting a bowl of creamy, yummy vegan ice cream. Apart from coconut milk, soy milk and almond milk, other types of substitutes are also there that can easily be used in place of dairy products in a bowl of ice cream.

You need to add a few spoons of corn starch into coconut or different other types of vegan substitutes of milk to create a certain degree of consistency in the ice cream base. Arrowroot powder is a good replacement for corn starch, in case of unavailability of the latter. There is also a need to add some amount of sweetener to the base before cooking up the frozen dessert. You need to heat up the mixture until it is thick and a warm pudding-like batter. The ice cream base is ready.

Thick and creamy ice cream base requires stirring in some amount of essence or any other flavor that can make this edible delight become outstanding in taste and aroma. Agave or honey is great choices to sweeten the dish. The textures of these elements create a smooth ice cream base that freezes without leaving any ice crystal. You can use sugar or any other sweetener that suits you.

Avoid smell of coconut in the dessert:     

Since this particular recipe is made with coconut almost in its entirety, some people might not like the overpowering smell of coconut in it. You might love it like that only. However, adding other elements and exotic flavors is not at all a bad idea either. There are plenty of choices to explore like, mint and basil, tropical flavors, dark chocolate, etc. You can use flavoring agents in copious amount to suppress the smell of coconut in it.

A vegan or an omnivore, no matter what you enjoy being called, this particular dish of ice cream is an instant mood lifter for you. However, this particular platter of frozen delight is perfect for keeping your taste buds contented and jovial.   

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