Finding a place to call home

September 17, 2013

Where? How? What? How much? are some questions that may arise while looking for a place to rent.  Looking for a decent place is not impossible but it is certainly quite a tough task to accomplish.  It’s a challenge to find a nice place at a very economical price. Be sure to find a good place, may be you might have to pay hydro, internet and other stuff separately.  

An easy way to start looking for a place to rent is of course on-line.  Whether you are already in Canada or you are still abroad, there are some web sites that are very popular which provide a lot of options to choose from.  They also contain accurate information about the place and in many cases some pictures.  Some of the websites that you can check are:


  • View - where you can find places in all Canada.  Is easy to browse by province and area, and it has options you can choose from to narrow thesearch.  More information visit:


  • Kijiji - one of themost popular web sites in Canada, you can find anything here, including rooms for rent.  It has a search filter in theleft of thescreen that will help you find what you need.  More information visit:  


  • Pad Mapper - is a very easy to use web site that will ask you to modify thesearch filter and it shows you on a big map thelocation of theplaces that fit your needs.  More information visit:


  • Places 4 students - is a web site dedicated to students.  You need to select your College in order to get all options available around it.  It has detailed information and is very easy to use.  More information visit:


  • Craigslist - one of themost famous web sites in theworld where you can find a place to rent in thecity you are looking for.  It is not very fancy, but it has very simple search options and a big list of places appear for you to browse through.  More information visit:


Get started with these web sites, don’t rush, explore the options and remember,the rooms might be smaller than they appear in the picture; that’s why its always a good idea to visit the place before closing a deal. Happy Searching !!